My Soap Creations

Following is a list of soaps I have made and posted.  If you see any you would like, contact me through my Etsy site and I would be glad to make them for you and post them as a special post on Etsy just for you.  I can also put any scent or no scent at all in them for you.

Soaps that say, "I love you"
       Scalloped Hearts
       You Melt My Heart
       Double Arrow Hearts
       Drizzled Hearts
       Chocolate-Covered Strawberries
       Chocolate Kiss

Soaps that make great stocking stuffers
       Gingerbread Men
       Puzzle Soap

Soaps that make great Easter Basket stuffers
       Glittery Pastel Eggs
       Puzzle Soap
       "Bunny" Soap
       "Lamb" Soap
        Egg in a Basket
        Sprinkle Ducks in Water

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