Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Trip to Tami's House

This past weekend we went to visit Tami, Jeff, Graham & Vaughn. It was a fun weekend. Jeff made some amazing food on the grill! He did a leg of lamb and we made gyros. Yummmmy! He also did a chicken and some sausage.
We went fabric shopping on Monday. I wanted to find some nice material to make Ella a new little bonnet. I had wanted her to be able to wear mine that I had when I was a baby, but before I remembered it, she had outgrown it. It was given to me by my Great Great Aunt Bertha. She worked in the children's department in Kaufmann's in Pitts. for many years and always sent cute gifts for the new babies in the family. It has seen better days anyway since it's already 60 years old! Here's a picture of the old bonnet.

By evening I was getting itchy fingers and had to get moving on the new bonnet.
I tore my bonnet apart and used it for a pattern and made it bigger. Thank goodness Tami now has a sewing machine and I was able to sew it together! We had fun working on the bonnet and Tami worked on a new headband. We did a lot of laughing about our different methods of sewing and also about me making my whole wardrobe the year I was entering 9th grade! I hope I can find pictures of those outfits to show Tami! Everything was coordinated so it was all mix and match. I was so proud of myself!
Here's the pictures of the new bonnet with the baby attached!


  1. too cute, but will the new bonnet fit that growin baby for long?