Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Newest Project

Sorry I haven't been posting any new soap pictures. (I may have to change the name of my blog!) I just haven't been making soap lately. I've been doing a little sewing.......have a lot of mending to do that's just waiting for me! I hate mending!

Remember the little bonnet I made for my Grandbaby? Well, I've decided to make her another one. I bought the material the same
day that I bought the material for the first one. About time I get
around to this one!

Here's a pic of one side of it.

I made it reversible, so here's a pic of the other side.

Two hats in one! I hope she likes it. I couldn't get a picture of her with it on since she's had two surgeries in 5 days! She's just coming home from the hospital
today. Poor little baby! I'll try to get a picture of her next week.

I also had made some burp cloths for her baby shower. Now I decided I wanted to have
a few cute ones for Grandma to use too.

Here are the first ones I made.

And here is the one I made for me.

My 13 yr. old Granddaughter wants me to make her a skirt like this. She thinks it
would make a better skirt than a burp cloth. We'll see.......

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  1. That bonnet is so cute and Ella will look adorable in it! I love the skirted burp cloth too. I want a skirt like that too!